Joshua Alexander, CMT

Photo of Joshua Alexander, San Francisco massage therapist, at work

What I do: Certified Massage Therapist, licensed in San Francisco, practicing massage and energy work modalities ranging from Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Orthopedic to Craniosacral, Shiatsu, and Polarity, as well as Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and adjuncts such as Flower Essences.

What I really do: Hold space in which to be present with each other, allow for stillness, invite love and acceptance as a prelude to change. I listen to your body and honor what I hear.

What you do: Show up. Breathe. Courageously go where you need to go in order to change and grow.

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Winner Best Massage Therapist, Best of the Bay 2009 San Francisco Bay Guardian

Thank you again Bay Guardian readers!

Thank you again to all my wonderful clients for voting me Best Massage Therapist in the San Francisco Bay Guardian Best of the Bay Readers Poll for the THIRD year in a row! It is such an honor to be recognized in this way, and by the people who matter most—I couldn't do this work without you folks!

Here's what some of my massage clients have said:

The day after our most recent session, I had more mobility than I have had in a long time. You understand my body, but also how I work and how I think. I don't know how you know that, but it's cool. So many of the other people I've worked with over the years, they didn't "get it". – M.W., Spiritual Teacher, San Francisco

That was the best massage I have ever had. The only thing that ever came close was when a physical therapist did cranial-sacral with me and I had visions of doves flying. I feel so in tune with my body now. The whole experience was great. – G.K., Painter, San Francisco

Working with you helped me address a long-term issue in a positive and meaningful way. Through your methods, I found myself shift in a way that allows my life to move forward. – B.C., HR Director, Berkeley

Finding the right massage therapist in San Francisco just got easier! Please contact me with any questions or to make an appointment for massage or energy work. I'm looking forward to meeting you!


Joshua Alexander. Your San Francisco Massage Therapist

Welcome! I am a professional massage therapist in San Francisco offering a blend of massage and energy work unique in San Francisco.

Massage therapist information

On this site you'll find out how I became a massage therapist and what it's like to be a massage therapist in San Francisco, as well as a list of massage therapist services.

San Francisco massage and beyond

While the hands-on work is only available locally, you don't have to live in the San Francisco area to experience the energy work—ask about phone sessions! Many of my clients are visitors who see a massage therapist back home, so if you're ever visiting San Francisco and want a massage, please consider me as your massage therapist.