About the studio

Because I consider the setting in which the massage takes place to be as important as the massage itself, my studio is designed to be as relaxing and healing as possible.

Comfy table

The heated massage table features a digital table warmer and special foam face cradle that conforms to your facial features. Better than simpler memory foams, this foam uses millions of tiny cells, each of which independently conforms and supports, offering firmer support in cooler areas and a softer, plusher support in warmer areas. This eliminates pressure on sensitive areas, like the sinuses.

Healing decor

The walls are painted in zero-VOC paint for the health of both our lungs and the environment. The color is Chestnut, a full spectrum color by holistic color designer Ellen Kennon.

According to Kennon, Chestnut, “being a warm brown, is the color of living wood and the earth, therefore it is grounding and very restful to the eye, helping us feel nurtured and safe, creating a feeling of stability, orderliness and a connection with the earth.”

The room is hung with dupioni silk by Scalamandre in the colors of four of the Chinese Five Elements: Fire, Metal, Wood, and Earth. The fifth element, Water, is my constitutional element.

Constant improvement

It’s my hope that my careful attention to creating this warm studio environment will help you receive the most benefit from your massage. To that end, suggestions from clients on how the experience could be improved are always welcome and encouraged.

Massage therapy studio Massage table face cradle