Frequently Asked Questions

  • Before your session

    • Do you offer same-day appointments?

      • I schedule all appointments in advance. If you are looking for a massage for today, I suggest booking two appointments: one with another practitioner (I can refer you to some other excellent massage therapists) and a second appointment with me 1 to 4 weeks from now. This will ensure that you get a session with me and give you some momentum toward regular self-care.

    • What’s the best way to schedule an appointment?

      • It’s best to schedule by filling out my appointment request form. Or, you can text or email me. Please let me know three days (with timeframes) that work for you, and I can usually work with at least one of them.

    • How should I prepare for a session?

      • Before scheduling, consider your intention for receiving bodywork. This helps us determine what kind of work would be best suited for your appointment. Is your main goal to relax? To lessen physical pain? To recover from an illness or injury? To escape your chocolate cravings? To deepen your yoga practice? Please shower beforehand if necessary. Consider wearing loose clothing that’s easy to take on and off. If you plan to leave your underwear on during the session, consider wearing briefs or a thong rather than bulkier underwear such as boxers.

    • What if I am late to an appointment?

      • While it’s best to plan enough time to arrive at your appointment unhurried, if you realize you are going to be late, please don’t rush, and txt or call to let me know. It’s better to arrive late and ready to receive massage than stressed out from rushing. When you arrive we’ll fit as much of your session into the remaining time as possible. Regular session fee applies.

    • What is parking like?

      • Clients are always welcome to park in my carport for their sessions.

    • Are the sessions confidential?

      • Yes. In order to create a safe space, sessions are kept confidential. No one sees your health history form or session notes except me. At times I consult with other professionals about the general details of a session, leaving all personally identifying information out.

    • What can I expect out of a single session? Out of a series of sessions?

      • A single session can provide much relief. After their first session, clients often, but not always, report dramatic and sometimes long lasting changes in such areas of concern as relaxation, comfort, freedom of movement, or emotional stability. The first session is also very exploratory in some ways. We are working together for the first time, and there is much to learn: Which techniques will be most effective for you? Which should be avoided? Not everything can be learned in one session: What’s the right session length? The right frequency of visits? The right balance of techniques and timing within the session? Over the course of a series of sessions, with enough communication and collaboration, we find the answers to these and other questions. Our work together evolves to meet your needs better and better over time.
  • During your session

    • What’s the flow of an appointment like?

      • Before your first session, you’ll fill out a short health history form to bring with you. When you arrive, we’ll do intake together. At the first session I go over the health history. Then, as at each appointment, I’ll check in with you to find out how you’re doing currently, any areas of concern, how your last session worked out for you, etc. This helps me tailor each session to your needs. After intake, I step out to wash my hands and allow you time to undress and get settled onto the massage table. When I return, I’ll check to make sure you’re comfortable, and then we’ll proceed with the session work. When the session is ending, I’ll step out to wash my hands again, allowing you time to relax for a few moments before getting dressed. When you’re ready you’ll need to open the door to let me know that I can come back in. Finally, we’ll do a last check-in so I can get feedback about how the session worked for you, explore options for future sessions, collect payment, and answer any questions you may have.

    • How much clothing do I take off?

      • Many clients have concerns about the appropriateness of their preference, but it really is up to you. The right amount of clothing to leave on or off is the amount that leaves you the most comfortable and able to relax. Clients should know that I am completely comfortable with bodies, and have worked on a full range of ages, sizes, gender-identities, races, orientations, etc. In some cases, clothing can limit the type of work that can be done. Other types of work can be performed even with the client fully clothed. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please ask and we can discuss how to accomplish the work you want in the most comfortable way.
  • After your session

    • How should I take care of myself after a session?

      • Aftercare varies depending on the kind of work you receive, and may include recommendations for ice, heat, stretching, salt baths, etc. Most everyone can benefit, however, from drinking extra water after their session and taking some quiet time alone to let the work sink in.

    • Is word of mouth important?

      • Yes, very much! If you enjoyed your session, please talk about it with people in your life, including friends, family, and co-workers. Consider sharing with them the benefits from the session and how much better you feel after receiving the work. Talk about massage and bodywork to the people in your life that you care about. So many people need help living in their bodies with more awareness and comfort, but many people have trouble asking for it. Help them by letting them know what’s working for you and what your experiences are like.
  • About the work

    • Do you do outcalls?

      • I offer on-site chair massage at your office, store, or event, and can arrange for multiple therapists if needed. Energy work can be done remotely (Reiki) or over the phone (Absolute Balanced Mastery and EFT). Emotional Freedom Technique sessions are available by phone after your first in-office session.

    • Do you bill insurance?

      • While I do not currently accept health insurance, I am happy to provide documentation and info if you would like to submit your own health insurance claims.

    • Do you do erotic work?

      • The short answer is: no. There are many people in the area who offer erotic work. They are very easy to find in the classifieds of several free weekly papers. If you are looking for such work, please book with someone who advertises the services you seek.
  • Payment

    • What forms of payment do you accept?

      • I accept cash, check, or credit card.

    • Is it ok to tip? Are tips expected?

      • Tips are always gratefully accepted, never expected. I provide the same excellent service to everyone regardless.

    • Are you open to barter/trades?

      • Yes. My guidelines for both parties:
        • Must receive product or services each will actually use and enjoy.
        • Trades must be equal in dollar value.
        • Rendering of any services must occur within a reasonable, pre-agreed amount of time.

        Please contact me if you have a barter proposal.

  • Policies

    • What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

      • If you find that you can’t make your appointment, please let me know as soon as possible. If you are cancelling within 24 hours of your appointment, calling or texting works best; earlier cancellations reach me best by email. I maintain a 24 hour cancellation policy: full payment is due for any missed sessions not cancelled with at least 24 hour notice.

    • I’d love to invite you to my party/out to dinner/etc.

      • While I do appreciate the invite, I won’t be able to accept. Please be assured that this is not personal, but simply a professional boundary.
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