Here is a selection of massage reviews gathered from clients over the years.

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  • I appreciate your attention to detail when preparing for our first session, and I felt so much better, from head to toe, when the session what complete. The work on the front of my neck was much appreciated. I had not realized how much tenderness and tension was there until you concentrated on that area. I do look forward to booking another session with you soon.

    Mick A. Small business owner
  • Stresses of the past several weeks had worn my body down and I was starting to internalize the stress with tightness in my upper body. I noticed during my last two sessions a palpable easing of the postural tightening: I felt myself breathing more deeply and with more ease. Most striking though is the shift in my psyche: I'd been feeling a bit fragile and out-of-balance for several weeks, and had subtly contracted psychically. This started to loosen yesterday and was a bit better throughout the day, but something left me with a feeling that the pot was stirred and that the elements settled back down in a much better place. I'm feeling like "myself" again and my mood is buoyant. Nice work, Josh.

    John N. Psychologist
  • Thanks so much for your help. I have been doing the stretches you recommended and my back has been a world better. I hope I'm out in the Bay Area again soon for another session. The impact was profound!

    Mike D. VP/Executive
  • Josh is very, very good. It's not just training. He has a gift. I know the value of a true healer, it is a rare talent, and I really appreciate his work.

    Arul F.
  • Absolutely beautiful experience. I can't tell you how nurtured I felt. Josh is a remarkable man. Thank you so much.

    Chris A. Marketing Executive
  • I sometimes suffer from excess time at computer screens. When stricken, I seek the aide of massage therapy. Quite honestly, I can say that Josh has some of the most magical hands ever encountered. He has a special talent to listen to bodies, focus on root causes, and open up the body's natural pathways to delightful effect. For days after our session I stepped thru my life invigorated, experiencing a fresh feeling hidden for so long behind poor bodily habits.

    Chris L.
  • I greatly appreciate your caring and comfort as I work through this—you are gifted, and I am lucky that you have such a gift that you are so willing to share.

    Mark B.
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